Canine Behaviour Consultant

Nina Houghton is a professional dog trainer and canine behaviour consultant in Vancouver committed to using only friendly, positive training techniques based on you and your dog’s needs.

Graduating from the International College of Canine Behavioural Sciences in 2003 after completing Level one obedience, canine and training psychology then continued her education further with the same College and graduated with the following:

  • Intermediate/Advanced Obedience and Agility training
  • Behaviour Modification and Rehabilitation
  • Recreational Tracking
  • Defensive Personal Protection

A graduate of the Dogsafe Canine First Aid 101 and 102 and in 2013 trained and qualified to become an Authorized Dogsafe Canine First Aid Instructor.

Nina also attended workshops with the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and Dr. Ian Dunbar as well as being an avid supporter of Rescue Societies and Shelters. Many dogs are surrendered to shelters because they are misunderstood and lack proper training and/or socialization skills. Guiding and helping rehabilitate unwanted behaviours and coaching people so they are able to communicate clearly and effectively with their dogs is a truly rewarding experience.  Dogs have made their living for centuries by pleasing humans in performing the job they were bred to do. Dogs are pack animals who want to work with a handler they respect and are happy to do what you ask if they trust you and understand your requests.

Put Nina’s experience and education to work assessing your dog’s behaviour issues to help you communicate clearly with your dog to help fix destructive, anti social and annoying behaviours and work toward a good working partnership with your dog. Contact Nina here for a free consultation.

Common behavioural issues:

Jumping up on people, biting/mouthing/chewing, separation anxiety, excessive barking, pulling on the leash.

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