Intermediate & Agility Training

Intermediate & Agility Training

Intermediate obedience class is for owners wanting to take their dog to the next level of training with more advanced training techniques and longer distance control keeping the dog’s senses sharp and the brain occupied.

This class focuses on improving control of the six commands learned in basic obedience working to longer distances and building to off leash. This class is also features agility training.  Dog agility is a sport in which a dog moves through and over an obstacle course with the guidance of his or her handler. Agility training boosts the dog’s confidence by working through exercises that require more focus, concentration, problem solving and teamwork.  It is a fun way to train your dog to off-leash and builds athletic ability. Agility is a fun way to help active canines “blow off steam” in a constructive and pleasurable manner, turning an unruly friend into a willing and co-operative team-mate.

Pre requisite: Must have Basic Obedience training before attending with a reliable sit, stay and recall. Be up to date with vaccinations.

Six one hour sessions at the Roundhouse for $175.00.

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