Puppy Basics and Social at Urban Puppy Shop & Daycare

For puppies under 7 months of age to learn simple commands and basic manners that are the foundations for a better relationship with their human families. The class covers meeting and greeting skills with other dogs and people, leash walking, leash handling, puppy handling skills, sit, stay, recall, leave it, drop it, how to manage puppy biting etc and play socialization with other puppies.

Pre-requisite: First two sets of vaccinations required

Basic/Puppy Obedience Dog Training at Roundhouse and Creekside Community Centres

This successful training method looks at all aspects of your dog’s life including natural instincts and drives as well as environmental influences. This is a progressive training program that will educate you on the basic commands so you can communicate clearly and effectively with your dog and create a healthy working partnership.

Using only positive reinforcement techniques and praise and play rewards without food treats, gimmicks, force, pain or fear responses. This course teaches dog owners basic obedience commands working with the dog’s intelligence and willingness to co-operate. Also learn how to manage, rehabilitate and eliminate inappropriate behaviours such as:

  • Jumping up on people
  • Destructive chewing
  • Mouthing/Biting
  • Excessive barking
  • Pulling on the leash

Small size group classes to coach dog owners to a basic obedience routine on a six-foot leash using the standard six commands with verbal commands and hand signals.

Pre-requisite: All dogs must be fully vaccinated

Intermediate Obedience & Agility Training at Roundhouse Community Centre

Intermediate obedience/agility class is for owners wanting to take their dog to the next level of training with more advanced training techniques and longer distance control keeping the dog’s senses sharp and the brain occupied.

This class focuses on improving the basic commands learned in beginner obedience, such as stay and recall working on improving to longer distances with distractions building to better off leash control. This class also features agility training.  Dog agility is a sport in which a dog moves through and over an obstacle course with the guidance of his or her handler. Agility training boosts the dog’s confidence by working through exercises that require more focus, concentration, problem solving and teamwork.  It is a fun way to train and work with your dog to a higher level as well as improve athletic ability. Agility is a fun way to help active canines “blow off steam” in a constructive and pleasurable manner, turning your energetic friend into a willing and co-operative team-mate.

Pre-requisite: Basic level of obedience training with reliable sit/down and recall and have no aggression towards people or dogs.

Recreational Agility at Urban Puppy Shop & Daycare

A perfect activity using a combination of physical exercise and mental stimulation for your dog. A fun and casual class for dogs of any age, size and breed with no previous training ability required. Just come, have fun and learn how to direct your dog through a series of obstacles gradually building better coordination, athletics, and teamwork. All equipment is adjustable for different sizes and ability levels.


Pre-requisite: All dogs must be fully vaccinated and have no aggression toward people or dogs.



Call Nina at 604-802-8251 or send a message for information and details.