Beginner/Puppy Obedience Training.

A successful obedience training method that looks at all aspects of your dog’s life including natural instinct and environmental influences. A progressive training program that focuses on the basic commands and day to day life skills in order to help your dog learn general good manners and greeting skills.   Positive reinforcement training using praise and play as rewards without food treats, gimmicks, force, pain or fear responses. This course teaches owners to train their dogs’ with beginner obedience commands such as loose leash walking, heel, stay, down, come, stand as well as meeting and greeting manners using the dog’s intelligence and willingness to co-operate.  This class will also instruct you how to manage, rehabilitate and eliminate inappropriate behaviours such as:

  • Jumping up
  • Destructive chewing and mouthing
  • Excessive barking
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Not coming when called
  • Leave It and Drop It

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Small size group classes to coach dog owners to a basic obedience routine on a six-foot leash using the standard six commands with verbal commands and hand signals. Proper and appropriate socialization and meet and greet skills, recognizing body language, and correct leash techniques are also covered.

Pre-requisite: All dogs must be fully vaccinated and not be aggressive toward other dogs or people

Puppy Basics and Social @ Urban Puppy Daycare.

For puppies under 7 months of age to learn simple commands and basic manners that are the foundations for a better relationship with their human families. The class covers meeting and greeting, leash walking, handling skills, sit, stay, recall, leave it, drop it and play socialization with other puppies.

Pre-requisite: First two sets of vaccinations required

Group Classes held at four convenient locations:

Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown

$174 for six one hour classes

Creekside Community Centre at the Olympic Village

$165 for six one hour classes

Mount Pleasant Community Centre @ Kingsway & Main

$165 for six one hour classes

Urban Puppy Daycare Centre at 6th Avenue & Hemlock St.

$140 for five one hour classes

Class Schedules and Location

Call Nina directly at 604-802-8251 to find out more or send me a message.

Register for Classes at any of these Locations

You can register your dog or puppy for group training classes directly through the links below or contact me for private, in-home training sessions.

Creekside Community CentreRoundhouse Community CentreMt. Pleasant Comm. CentreUrban Puppy