Dogsafe Canine First Aid 101 – Saturday, December 2nd

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Positive Reinforcement Obedience Training



Start off on the right foot by establishing a long-term happy and healthy relationship with your new puppy or adult dog.

Professional Dog Trainer

In 2003 I completed my education to become a Professional Dog Trainer because of my love of dogs and the frustration of seeing so many dogs in shelters…

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Four locations in Vancouver!

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Anti-Social or Inappropriate Behaviour Problems

Learn how to keep your dog from jumping on people, barking, eating your shoes and other undesirable behaviors!

Why Professional Training

start obedience training with your dog from day one.

Positive Reinforcement Training

positive reinforcementAlpha Dog Training uses positive reinforcement techniques without food incentives, gimmicks, fear, force, pain, pinch or shock collars (see

We expect our dogs to live with us under our terms and conditions, so it is essential to properly train and socialize them to adapt to their human pack and urban surroundings. I believe in friendly, positive reinforcement techniques and a praise/play reward system without food treats.


Canine Behaviour Consultant

Nina Houghton is a professional dog trainer and canine behaviour consultant in Vancouver committed to using only friendly, positive training techniques based on you and your dog’s needs.

Graduating from the International College of Canine Behavioural Sciences in 2003 after completing Level one obedience, canine and training psychology then continued her education further with the same College and graduated with the following: (more…)

Upcoming Group Classes

dig trainingRegister for obedience training classes directly through the links below or contact me for private, in-home training sessions.

Roundhouse Community Centre

Creekside Community Centre
Olympic Village

Mount Pleasant Community Centre
Kingsway & Main

Urban Puppy Daycare Centre
Hemlock Street & 6th Avenue

Tamaam is doing really well with our son. He loves his new job of walking next to the stroller and the hands free leash is fantastic. He has been nothing but gentle around the baby. It’s wonderful to see!  Thank you again for all your help and patience with Tamaam; he really has become a more settled dog and a real delight.

Shelliza and Devin

Sebastian and I have completed Basic and Intermediate courses as well as Agility. The basic training course was an excellent foundation to build on. It gave me structure and a good understanding of how to communicate with my dog. We practiced the commands during our daily walks and the results were very pleasing.   The Intermediate course is where he really “got it”. His focus on my expectations grew stronger and this truly made a huge impact on Sebastian’s desire to learn and perform the commands promptly and with conviction.

The classes also improved Sebastian’s attention span and distraction tendencies. Being around other dogs while training, helped to keep him focused on the commands I gave him. Now I feel comfortable with him off leash at the beach because he wants to be with me and responds to commands even though other dogs are around.

Thanks so much Nina.

Mia and Sebastian